Features and Benefits of Our Sound Masking System

In today's market, Soft dB's sound masking system is by far the most efficient and advanced solution available, delivering unrivaled acoustic performance at a very competitive price.

All of our sound masking controllers include key components required to generate the optimal masking sound spectrum in any type of office space. Each output channel has:

  • Independent masking sound generator
  • One-third octave band equalizer
  • Energy-efficient amplifier
  • Programmable timer function
  • Automated ramp-up function

Each output channel includes these two exclusive features: Automated tuning/calibration system, which makes it possible to calibrate entire masking zones in less than a minute, and real-time adaptative control of the masking sound volume based on ambient noise.

What's more, our sound masking system was designed to keep energy consumption at a bare minimum. All sound masking controller units can be put in sleep mode at night, reducing the energy consumption to zero. Our sound masking system not only allows you to earn LEED points for both sound quality and speech privacy, but also for energy saving.

Our sound masking controller units are designed to be either installed in the plenum space above the ceiling tiles or rack-mounted in your electrical or server room. The plenum and rack mounted controller units are fully compatible and can be combined with one another, allowing high flexibility and scalability in the design of either very small or very large sound masking installations.

The ML48-8ch plenum controller unit has eight independent channels and the ML24-4ch plenum controller unit has four independent channels. All plenum controllers can power up to six sound masking speakers per channel, allowing precise control of separate small zones such as individual closed offices. Our plenum sound masking controllers are also very useful to divide a large open floor plan into smaller individual sound masking zones. This allows highly granular control and adjustment from zone to zone within the open floor area where various types of activities are taking place throughout the day. Moreover, independent adaptive volume control can be set for each separate masking zone, which provides optimum sound masking and acoustic comfort for each individual area in the open plan office, regardless of how complex the floor layout is.

When large office floor areas have to be covered, rack-mounted controller units can be used to obtain a very cost-effective sound masking solution. We offer two rack-mounted sound masking controller models that are specially tailored to office spaces above 5000 square feet: The RL96 8-channel controller which integrates its own power amplifier, and the RLCTL 8-channel controller which is designed to be paired with an external power amplifier of your choice.

The RL96 comes with 8 output channels, each of which is independently equalizable and capable of driving up to 12 sound masking speakers. Many controller units can be networked together to power as many sound masking speakers as needed. The ability to perform installations in multiples of 96 speakers is one of the key aspects making the RL96 a highly flexible and extensible solution for medium to large scale sound masking projects that require more granular control over multiple room configurations. More flexibility and control also come from the RL96’s 8 input channels. These channels are dedicated to Soft dB’s proprietary technology allowing for active volume control of the masking sound in each zone, but can also be shared with background music and paging inputs according to your specific needs. The RL96 provides plenty of amplifying power to drive highly effective sound masking along with quality paging and background music programs.

The ability to mix and match all of our sound masking controller units enables you to achieve optimum acoustic quality and highly flexible control at the lowest price possible. Our sound masking system is decentralized, easily scalable and fully network-ready, either on the same floor or over multiple floors. All sound masking controller units can be connected over a wired or wireless network. Moreover, our system comes with a full-featured project management software that makes it easy for users to view, access and control each individual sound masking speaker or group of speakers, wherever they are. Our system also comes with its very own mobile app which can be used for personal, local control of the sound masking volume from any smartphone. At last, monitoring functions can be used to periodically analyse the acoustical environment, run a system diagnosis and generate insightful reports. It should also be noted that our sound masking system safely and seamlessly integrates with fire alarm systems as well as Creston building management systems.

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